[Pre-Sale] DSS Lightcycle

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Welcome to the Grid. Grab your lightcycle. Don't fall off.

Lightcycle is coming to you in a new sculpted profile, DSS*. Available in a variety of kits to fit just about any keyboard size imaginable.

Need an awesome deskmat to go along with these keycaps? Get a DSS Lightcycle Deskmat!

Profile: DSS
Manufacturer: Signature Plastics
Group Buy Window: September 21st until October 21st, 2021
Estimated Shipping Window: Q2 2022

Support your regional vendors:
US: MKUltra (duh) + Protozoa Studios
Canada: Ashkeebs
EU: MyKeyboard
UK: Protozoa Studios
Asia: Zion Studios
Australia: Daily Clack

*some kits come with additional keycaps in the DSA profile as visible in the product pictures.