DSS Late Harvest Keycaps

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Note: this is a pre-sale of the extras we ordered. Orders placed now will ship at the same time as the original groupbuy orders.

A classic gray and white design with RGB Mods. No the mods don't light up. They're called RGB Mods because the different types of mods each have different colors from both the alpas and eachother.

The base kit covers a whole bunch of standard layouts:

  • Full-size
  • Tenkeyless
  • 60/65/75%
  • 1800s
  • US ANSI & UK ISO alpha layouts
  • Split / Alice
  • Ortholinear (e.g. Planck & Preonic)
  • 40% (e.g. Minivan & Cajal)
  • Ergo (e.g. Ergodox, Boardwalk, & Sol)

The Grey kit contains additional gray colored mods, Spätlese is for NorDe support and the novelties add a small dash of R1 and R3 extras.

The Ergo Patch Kit contains 2x2U and 4x1.5U blank concave DSA keycaps in Late Harvest Grey.

For more info and a look into the extensive development of the set, see the original designers' site here:

Designed by: NoPunIn10Did
Manufactured by: Signature Plastics
Material: ABS
Group buy runs from April 12th until May 19th
Expected shipping date: October 2021