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Massdrop CTRL High Profile Combo

MKUltra Corporation

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This combo kit includes 4mm plate foam, 2mm case foam with hotswap cutouts and 2 round 10mm plugs to fill the holes where the feet screw in.

Installation requires taking the board apart, putting the plate foam inside, slipping the PCB back into place GENTLY, putting the case foam on the PCB, putting the 'acrylic' (plastic) diffuser back into place, press all of the plastic plugs in tightly to hold everything together and then screw the top half to the bottom half.

These foams are designed to fit the CTRL HIGH PROFILE - a keyboard designed and produced by DROP (previously Massdrop).

** Important Information Regarding Foam **

If you select Black 4mm foam, you will be sent BLUE 4mm foam and Black 2mm foam. Black 4mm is currently unavailable and no estimate on when it will be restocked. The blue foam is the correct thickness and even more dense so should be considered an upgrade.

Customer Reviews

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Good Stuff

Makes the high profile Drop Ctrl sound much better

Great kit, not a great fit for the K-Type

I bought this kit for my K-Type with the knowledge it would require some modification to fit. It requires pretty extensive modification and the imperfect fit reduces the effectiveness of the foam. The kit is an easy 5 stars, the fit for the K-Type is 2 or 3 stars at best. Still better than nothing at this point, though.


A must have for sure little to no ping after I installed and the sound coming from those holy pandas was deeper after the installation

Excellent Kit

I received the kit and promptly installed it without issues. It has improved the sound of the board. It doesn't sound hollow and echo-y. Would totally recommend.


Fit and finish was A+. Shipping was fast. For the the money this is easily one of the best mods you can do for you keyboard. Pings were almost non existent after adding the foam!