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Colored Choc Keycaps

MKUltra Corporation

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Its a rainbow of chocolate! No wait, that's not how it works. A chocolate of keycaps! Uh ... its something?

The colors are not doing these justice at the moment, look to the mixed photos for more true colors on the caps - I don't have any idea why the individual one are so messed up.

These are selling 10 to a pack and each quantity selected is a single pack.

More colors will be added throughout the holiday weekend and hopefully camera settings will start picking up the colors better. Limited quantities, grab yours while you can!

Customer Reviews

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Colored Choc Keycaps

Beautiful Choc keycaps

Wow, these are really nice. The dark blue in particular is gorgeous, and the pink is nice and vibrant. If you want to add a pop of color to your Choc keyboard, these are great.


The key caps feel really nice. They are molded out of colored plastic rather than being painted.

Yellow's a bit green, but I'm ok with that.
Pink and Light blue are probably the best hues.
The deep blue seems just slightly purple to me.

The lighter colors, particularly white, have a semitranslucence that probably looks really nice with backlights.

lol ( and <3 ) at this site's awesome branding (and packaging).

Also, as far as I can tell, this is the only place to buy colored Kaihl key caps.


Colored Choc Keycaps