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Boardwalk PCB

MKUltra Corporation

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The Boardwalk is a 60% ortholinear keyboard, designed around Ergodox keycap sets and to fit into standard 60% cases. The project was inspired by OLKB’s Atomic keyboard, which used larger 2u mods, making it easier to hit the modifiers/outside keys. 2u caps are hard to source, and outright impossible if you want to use sculpted sets, so the move was made to 1.5u keys from Ergodox sets. The rest of the board is can be filled using standard key sizes from 60% sets. 

The board supports two primary types of layouts, a true ortholinear grid using only 1u, 1.5u, 2u, and 7u keycaps, and an unorthodox “arrow” layout, using 1.25u keycaps in the bottom row to allow an arrow cluster in the bottom right corner. The PCB and plate are universal and will support both types of layouts, although there’s MANY options for the bottom row.

Here at MKUltra we believe the Boardwalk may be the finest PCB ever developed. It allows for a gradual escape from brainwashing through a transition from that horrible staggered to 65%, then ortho, then ergo.


PCB MODIFICATIONS (required for some layouts)

Customer Reviews

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My end game

I chose Hotswap MOD Service, Steel plate, Zeal clear stab and Kailh box switch.There was no problem with the accuracy, and the assembly was completed without any stress.I’m highly satisfied.


Boardwalk PCB

Great 60% layout

Built this board as my first custom kb, and I couldn't be happier with it. It has great options for bottom row layouts. There was a small learning curve to map and program it, but well worth it. Good built quality and a nice shade of blue.

All hail Boardwalk

Really impressed, not much else to say. Plate is awesome, board is awesome, MKUltra foam is awesome

Great Board

One of the coolest packages I've gotten with no issues at all. Great PCB for an awesome keyboard as well.

Awesome PCB

I've used four different ortho boards/layouts now, and this one is definitely my favorite. It offers basically everything from the other layouts with a lot of added flexibility. I'm especially happy with my current layout since it allows me to spread my arms and effectively make a split board initial arm position, without actually having a split board. The PCB also shipped to me extremely fast, and MKUltra was very helpful in response to some of my definitely dumb questions.