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Massdrop Alt Low Profile Foam Combo

MKUltra Corporation

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This combo kit includes 4mm plate foam and 2mm case foam with hotswap cutouts.

Installation requires taking the board apart, putting the plate foam inside, slipping the PCB back into place GENTLY, putting the case foam on the PCB, putting the 'acrylic' (plastic) diffuser back into place, press all of the plastic plugs in tightly to hold everything together and then screw the top half to the bottom half.

These foams are designed to fit the ALT LOW PROFILE - a keyboard designed and produced by DROP (previously Massdrop).

** Important Information Regarding Foam **

If you select Black 4mm foam, you will be sent BLUE 4mm foam and Black 2mm foam. Black 4mm is currently unavailable and no estimate on when it will be restocked. The blue foam is the correct thickness and even more dense so should be considered an upgrade.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Awesome - (fits high profile alt)

I put these foams in all my keyboards and changes the sound and feel (positive.) confirmed it fit in my high profile alt as well.
Two small cuts on the bottom of the foam and you’re good to go. (Massdrop changed the acrylic diffuser)

Flawless fit & exactly what I wanted.

The 3 pieces of foam fit flawlessly in my ALT and removed all resonance from the case interior.

Very nice

Had to do some trimming of the blue pad because of the protrusion from the underside of the top case but not a big deal.

Massdrop ALT High-Profile

I bought this foam for my Massdrop ALT High-Profile keyboard. It's a definite must for the ALT. The foam is cut perfectly. It fills in the space and everything sounds better. I definitely recommend MKUltra foam. They're a neat company in a niche market that's putting out good product. I CBA to cut my own foam, so I appreciate that a company like MKUltra does.

Doesn't Fit

There is a elevated section at the base of the Alt keyboard, the foam cannot be placed properly into the case unless you cut the foam in half along the raised region.

After shipping many of these I've had similar reports from quite a few users. It appears Massdrop revised the manufacture of the case at some point and added that ridge inside the plate and also changed the size and shape of the magnets in the plastic piece. I am now marking foam with lightly engraved cut lines to help people make the adjustment when necessary.

Fantastic Foam

This stuff elevates the Alt board, changes it's acoustics, and makes it feel premium. It was an easy install and everything fit snugly.