Chocolate Bar Keyboard Kit

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  • Chocolate Bar Keyboard Kit
  • Chocolate Bar Keyboard Kit
  • Chocolate Bar Keyboard Kit
  • Chocolate Bar Keyboard Kit
  • Chocolate Bar Keyboard Kit
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Hungry for a row low profile staggered keyboard complete with offset arrow cluster and numpad? Look no further! The Chocolate Bar by MisonoWorks by is a low calorie and absolute MX free keyboard kit.

This board features full RGB underglow courtesy of 12 leds. Powered by an ATMega32u4 which is the golden standard for keyboards, running QMK firmware. The micro controller is integrated, no additional controllers required. OLED? Got support for that too!

The kit consists of a glossy purple PCB, matte black plate and matte black bottom plate. Comes with all the necessary hardware as well. USB C cable, switches, keycaps, and stabilizers not included. Switches need to be soldered to the PCB.

Compatible only with Kailh Choc switches. See related products below or click here Looking to add a splash of color to your board? Add some MBK Colors!

The MBK Choc keycap kits consists of:
  • 1x MBK Alphas white
  • 1x 10pack 1U MBK white
  • 3x 1.5U pack white
  • 2x 2U pack white

Not suited for consumption. It's chocfull of fiber but not the kind your dietician recommends!
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