Kailh Low Profile Choc Switches

$5.50 - $7.70
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Sample packs available!

Quantity selected = 10 pieces per. If you select a quantity of 5, you will receive 50 switches, etc. 

Switches are available in the following configurations:

Color Type Actuation Force Actuation Travel Total Travel
White Clicky 60±10gf 1.5±0.5mm 3.0±0.5mm
Brown Tactile 60±10gf 1.5±0.5mm 3.0±0.5mm
Red Linear 50±10gf 1.5±0.5mm 3.0±0.5mm
Black Linear 60±10gf 1.5±0.5mm 3.0±0.5mm
Pro Red Linear 35±10gf 1.5±0.5mm 3.0±0.5mm
gChoc* Linear 20±10gf 1.5±0.5mm 3.0±0.5mm
Robin Clicky 57±10gf 1.5±0.5mm 3.0±0.5mm
Silver Linear 40±10gf 1.5±0.5mm 3.0±0.5mm
Pink* Linear 20±10gf 1.5±0.5mm 3.0±0.5mm

* The Pink switch is a recolor of the Light Blue (gChoc) switch. The light blue (gChoc) switch is no longer being manufactured.

As of March 2nd 2021: sample packs contain 8 switches, one of every switch except for the Light Blue (gChoc), plus 1 pack of Kailhs clear scooped keycaps.