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Campine mk. I X Boardwalk barebones keyboard kit

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Note: this product is not sold by or through MKUltra. But it is a cool product by cool people, so there's that.


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This is a group buy for stainless steel plates and bent steel cases compatible with Panc60 and Boardwalk PCBs.

The Boardwalk is a 60% ortholinear keyboard, designed around Ergodox keycap sets and to fit into many standard 60% cases. The project was inspired by OLKB’s Atomic keyboard, which used larger 2u mods, but u/shensmobile decided to switch to 1.5u keys so that Ergodox sets would provide excellent compatibility. The rest of the board can be covered using standard key sizes from 60% sets. The kit will come unassembled, and you will be able to build it with your own switches. Hardware to assemble the board will be included.

Bent steel cases are cut from a single sheet and, using brakes, bent to take a rectangular shape to hold the PCB within, and the plate on top.

A typical off-the-shelf 60% case is a tray-mount (the PCB screws down into the case). This will be for traymount cases and plates. For key coverage, Ergodox + Alphas is enough for the split hands layout. If you want to cover the arrow-cluster layout, you will need the 60% kit as well (for the 1.25u bottom row). If you want 7u spacebar, you will need the Tsangan kit. Standard sets (like Tai Hao sets) will not cover the board as they do not have enough 1.5u modifiers, even with the wrong legends. You need a kit that has Ergodox support.