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Boba Tactile U4T Switches

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Hint: We now have sample packs that contain all Boba switches here: Boba Sample Pack!

The Boba Tactile U4T Switch is was not manufactured with the intention of being silent, and it's not. The "T" in U4T stands for "extra Thocccc". The switches are 5pin PCB mount and come in 2 different bottom out forces, 62 grams and 68 grams. Coming soon to a keyboard near you? 

Ships in packs of 30, so quantity 1 means 1 pack of 30 switches, quantity 2 means 2x 30 switches, etc.

Note: these are not clicky switches, not fireproof (keep your WPM under 2500, please). No chickens were harmed in the making of these switches. 

More photos soon