Boardrun Classic

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Expected shipping date is 31st Jul 2022

From the designer of the Boardwalk PCB comes the new Boardrun keyboard. The Boardrun classic is available in either frosted polycarbonate, dark red or black 6063 aluminum and features a simple but effective brass top mount switch plate. More brass you say? You're in luck, the 3mm brass bottom of the case is nice 'n hefty to properly ground the keyboard.

You're probably thinking, "the heck is the difference between the Boardrun Classic and the Boardrun Bizarre?" The basic difference is to be found in the layout. Whereas the Bizarre is an asymmetrical layout with both "halves" at a 12 degree angle and some extra buttons, the Classic has tamer 10 degree angle and is fully symmetrical. Oh, and it has a rotary encoder.

Both polycarbonate and aluminum cases are designed with a zero degree angle (i.e. it's flat) and sits on a set of adhesive EVA feet. However, for the few people in the back that like angled keyboards, we have added a bunch of thicker feet that will allow you to set the board at a slight angle.

The brass plate is available in both Ergo or Ortho layouts, where the ortho layout basically means all 1U keycaps (except for the outer columns) whereas the Ergo has 1.5U inner columns as well. By default we include a brass switchplate with the layout of your choice, either Ergo or Ortho. We also have lightweight FR4 switchplates available as an additional option, both in ergo and ortho layouts.

Now, for the guts of the board. The Boardrun Classic PCB is an ATMega 32u4 based design with a USB-C connector and RGB underglow and a rotary encoder in the middle. By default* we include a soldered PCB as that will give you the most flexibility in terms of supported layouts.If you're not too committed to any one single switch, we do have a hotswap capable PCB as an additional option. Just keep in mind that the hotswap PCB only supports the ortho layout.

* Update! We hear you, pick your preferred PCB from the options!

Let's get extra fancy, pick your favorite Cerakote color in the H-Series (see here) and select the option above. Make sure to put your choice of color in the order notes!

To keep everything safe and sound, the board will be shipped in a hard shell travel case, lined with a custom molded foam liner. 

Group Buy window: Jan 3rd until March 3rd, 2022
Estimated shipping date: Mid Q3 2022*

The group buy window was extended by a month to give more people a chance to join in on the fun. This does not affect the timeline.

Note: this keyboard does not include switches, keycaps or encoder knob. The polycarbonate keyboard in the photos is the Boardrun Bizarre and the photos are merely included to illustrate the polycarbonate case option. These photos will be replaced soon.

* Cerakoted boards will ship a little bit later due to the extra work involved.