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GTMX Low Profile Switches

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Outemu and Gazzew have released a brand new low profile switch! We have these low profile switches available in 3 different flavors: either linear, tactile or clicky. All switches have a require the same 55 grams bottom out force, have a total travel distance of 3mm with the actuation point smack dab in the middle at 1.5mm. The switches are about 14mm high in total and are compatible with SMD leds for backlighting.

Wait it gets better. These fit in the standard MX style boards, footprints and hotswap sockets. What's more is that they accept most standard MX Style keycaps*. Unlike the Boba switches, these are 3 pin switches designed for plate mount keyboards. They'll still work on sans-plate too provided they are soldered in place.

Did I mention the stems have a dustguard? Cheeto dust begone.

These switches ship in packs of 10. So quantity 1 = 10 switches, quantity 2 = 20 switches and so on.

*GMK R1 keycaps sit lower on the switch stem compared to other keycaps, which leads to them bottoming out on the switch plate. You may need to shim the keycaps slightly to prevent this.