301230 Battery 110mAh with JST Connector

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Grabbed yourself a Nice!Nano v2? You'll want a battery to go along with it! This is a 12mm wide, 30mm long, 3mm thick battery. In most situations it'll fit nicely underneath your Nice!Nano*. These batteries come with a JST connector already crimped on.

  • Dimensions 12x30x3mm
  • 3.7V - 110mAh
  • Battery protection
  • JST-PH 2.0 Connector

Note 1: These cannot be shipped outside the US due to shipping restrictions.
Note 2: The batteries were unfortunately mislabeled with '.7V' instead of '3.7V'. We've tested a good chunk of the batteries and can confirm that they are 3.7 Volt batteries. No suppliers have been harmed in this process. Yet.

* Make sure nothing protrudes into or punctures the battery, LiPo batteries. Do not short. If you don't need the plug then split the two wires and cut them separately.